How to Get a New PAN Card When You Lose The Old One


Losing your PAN card or getting it scratched beyond recognition is something that you should have fear. The reason being that every other legal proceeding required an Aadhaar card and PAN card these days and without having one, you’re in big-time trouble.

That is the reason why you’re presented with an option to get your PAN card reprinted. But there should be no modification in the current details or you have to complete the form in a different way and apply for changes instead of the int.


New Pan Card

Now the charges for reprint are nominal and it takes a sum of 50 INR for posting your card withing the country and 959 for the outside country. And the procedure requires you to fill the same form that you filled while applying for the PAN, the very first time.

The only difference is that you keep all the fields blank and move on with the process by entering your preexisting PAN card number this time. Also, your mobile phone number registered with Aadhaar and PAN should be the same otherwise you would have to get that done first.

But you can get your PAN card back with just a few click of the button and the method is fairly simple for even a technically lazy person, so you need not fret anyway.

Now, follow these steps to get your PAN card reprinted and delivered to your doorstep.

  1. Go to https:// www.onlineservices.nsdl. com/paam/ReprintEPan.html
  2. Following that, you need to fill in information about PAN and Aadhaar card and GST too but that’ts optional.
  3. Now, after that, you need to give permission to use the Aadhaar details for the purpose of a print of your PAN card. You’ll be asked for an OTP verification at this moment.
  4. A payment gateway will welcome you and you need to pay up the price for reprint and delivery.
  5. Voila! you’ve got your PAN card reprinted.

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