How to Deposit Cash in ATM Through UPI?

Information on cash deposit via UPI


Currently, in India, to deposit cash into your bank account, you have two options: visiting a bank branch where you deposit cash with a customer representative using a deposit slip, or using an ATM that accepts cash deposits where you provide your debit card and PIN details.

RBI’s Announcement about Cash Deposit via UPI

Soon, you’ll have an additional option to deposit cash in your bank account via Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) at ATMs using your UPI app, marking a significant development for UPI users. This will enhance convenience, saving users time and effort. The RBI stated that this innovation builds on the success of cardless cash withdrawal systems at ATMs via UPI.


The RBI has not provided a specific date for the launch of this feature, only mentioning that it will be available ‘soon’, with operational instructions to follow. Similar to the current withdrawal system via UPI, the deposit process at Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) at ATMs is expected to involve the following steps:

  1. Initiate at the ATM: Choose the “UPI Cash Deposit” option at the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) instead of using a debit card.
  2. Scan the QR Code: The CDM will display a QR code on the screen.
  3. Open your UPI App: Use your UPI app to scan the QR code displayed by the CDM.
  4. Confirm Deposit Amount: Verify the deposit amount shown on your UPI app, matching the cash you want to deposit.
  5. Select Account and Authorize: Choose the bank account for deposit and authorize the transaction using your UPI PIN.
    We might expect the new feature to prompt entering the denomination of bills being deposited (e.g., number of 100 rupee notes, 500 rupee notes, etc.). The CDM may also provide a confirmation slip after a successful cash deposit.

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The new feature will bring several benefits to users, including enhanced convenience as they won’t need a debit card or account number to deposit cash, improved efficiency with potentially faster transactions, and enhanced security through UPI’s secure authentication process. After the feature goes live, users can easily deposit and withdraw money from their bank accounts using UPI, providing them with greater accessibility and efficiency.


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