How to create and use whatsapp broadcast list feature? Checkout


What if we say that you can send messages to multiple people on WhatsApp without creating a group, then what would be your reaction? You will remain speechless, right? Every day, we use WhatsApp to send messages but there are a lot of features that are still undiscovered by us like broadcast list on whatsapp.

And, if we say that this is a very common feature among the users then you might feel how dumb you are. Relax! It happens sometimes because you do not keep yourself updated with technology, that is why a lot of things remain unseen by us.

Whatsapp Broadcast list feature

Sometimes it is a pain in the neck whenever someone adds you into a group to make an announcement. Obviously, there will always remain risks of letting your number be exposed to unknown added members of the group. So, what can be the best solution to deliver important messages to a group of people without creating a group and compromising privacy on whatsapp?

Well, we are blessed now as WhatsApp came up with the best feature called “broadcast list”. Let us know more about the feature. How it functions, how to create and use broadcast list.

What is the Broadcast List Feature in Whatsapp?

The broadcast list feature by Whatsapp allows users to make an announcement or send messages to multiple people at once. The sender won’t have to create a group to send messages to the same recipients. Instead, he/she can broadcast a message to selected recipients without selecting it each time.

How to Use Broadcast List in WhatsApp?

How to use broadcast list feature on whatsapp

The first thing a user has to check is whether he/she has stored numbers in their phonebook of whom the message should be delivered. If the above requirement is satisfied then the user can start creating a broadcast list of up to 256 recipients at the same time.

How to Create a Broadcast List?

  1. Open WhatsApp. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see three vertical dots. Tap on them.
  2. Select the “New Broadcast” option to create a new list.
  3. Now create your desired list by selecting the contacts you wish to add.
  4. When the selection of contacts is done, tap on the checkmark, and your new broadcast list will be ready.

The message will be sent at once to the selected recipients and they will receive the message as a normal message. Their reply to the message will appear as a normal message in your Chat section.

You can also edit your existing broadcast list; you can add or delete a contact if you want and get done with the necessary changes.

How to Edit a Broadcast List?

  1. Open the existing broadcast list.
  2. Tap on the three dots menu and select broadcast list info.
  3. In the next window, you will get an option to change the name of your broadcast list, add new recipients, and can also remove existing recipients by tapping on Edit Recipients.

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