How To Buy and Name a Star and Yes! It’s Possible


You can buy and name a star and that could be one of the most lovable gifts you can expect and share. Having a celestial body with your designated name on it and location so that it is visible to you is far cooler and enjoyable in actual than it sounds.

Today, many online businesses have given out the legit details on how to buy and name A star of your own. The process to engage in them are much smaller and convenient for everyone. And sometimes, they can influence your horoscope too!

So, if you want to get your next star in your pocket with a good deal, keep reading forward because you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Buy and Name a Star

Pick A Star

Firstly, while buying a celestial body will require you to locate it at a fixed position and finalize it. Websites like Online Star Register and many more hold a strong database of the location of each star that is visible from our planet.

Each star has a specific set of coordinates and characters which differentiate them on the basis of location, constellation, and magnitude. Take, for example, a star has a coordinate of RA 13h03m33.35 -49°31’38.1” dec 4.83 mag Cen.

Here, RA stands for Right Ascension while ‘dec’ is the abbreviation for declination. These are the coordinates of a star in outer space. You can correlate them as the longitude and latitude of the sky. Mag stands for ‘Magnitude’.

The amount of brightness your star reflects is calculated in terms of Magnitude. A star seen with naked eyes on a clear sky has a magnitude of about 6.5. With binoculars, you can see to magnitudes of about 10. And beyond that, you’ll be needing a telescope.

‘Cen’ stands for Centaurus. As many of you know, Centaurus is one of the 88 constellations that can be found in the sky. So, there are 88 separate constellations or grounds where you can locate and choose your own star.


Name A Star

Naming a star is doing the best thing here. You can name your star with any word you want. It can be a name such as John, Joseph, or even Barack. Don’t take Barack! A star name can be a duo of two names also such as Kate and Harry.

Keep in mind that you are allowed to keep your name within 20 characters limit. So choose wisely between long names and very short ones. Most importantly, each star name has its own star registration. This means the repetition of names is allowed.


Choose A Date

Selecting a date for your star is another great bullet to dodge. You can choose the date of your celestial body today, in the future or in the past. If your partner’s birthday is coming, or it’s a wedding gift or maybe your child’s baby shower, buyers can pick any date from the calendar. 


Customize Your Star Page

Once all the above-mentioned steps are taken care of, it is time to get on your start page. A start page is a webpage that shows all the necessary details regarding your purchase. And with the help of an Admin Panel, you can customize it accordingly. 

The panel will keep the current location, status, and the magnitude of a star in the database. This database is available to be visited by anyone you share the link to 24×7. So yes, you can brag about among your friends too.



Generally speaking, a star price could range between $25- $50. Buying a star depends on how much far you want to go. If you wish to choose a nearby one, it might cost more than a long one. Or if a famous constellation such as Ursa Major or Orion is chosen, you might have to pay a little extra.

Here is the complete introduction on how to buy and name a star. If you want to honor someone who has left the Earthly sphere, this could be the best way to do it.

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