How Do Senior Citizens choose a suitable health insurance plan?

Health Insurance

 These days, having a health insurance policy for senior adults is an essential. However, because there are so many plans on the market, purchasing one can be difficult. A health insurance plan allows seniors to get the treatment they need without having to worry about their finances or financial security.


“Choosing the finest possible plan with comprehensive coverage might be difficult due to the various plan alternatives offered by different health insurance companies. Our vulnerability to health emergencies has been shown by the COVID-19 pandemic. The elderly, as the most vulnerable population, must be protected against such medical situations, according to Ankit Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO of InsuranceDekho.


Senior citizens, on the other hand, should strongly consider purchasing health insurance. Having a health insurance coverage on hand at a critical juncture in one’s life provides not only financial stability, but also mental support when it’s most needed.

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To make the total experience worthwhile, careful selection of a health insurance policy for the elderly is required. According to Agrawal, policy terms and conditions must be thoroughly reviewed to avoid last-minute misunderstanding and discomfort.

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According to Aatur Thakkar, co-founder and director of Alliance Insurance Broker, it is critical to select a policy that ensures maximum coverage, as treatments are becoming increasingly costly. Always choose a policy that gives the most comprehensive coverage for illness, including severe conditions. Seniors should also find out how long they have to wait for pre-existing ailments to be treated (lesser the waiting period better will be the policy).

Also, because senior folks are more likely to be hospitalised, one should always choose an insurance with the shortest waiting period.


“There are varied age requirements for purchasing or renewing a policy, and these requirements vary per insurer. Some insurers do not allow policyholders above the age of 80 to acquire a policy, while others do not have a maximum entry age. Some policies only allow renewal until you reach the age of 80, while others do not. “One should be aware of these age limits while obtaining a policy to avoid further surprises,” Aatur Thakkar told FE Online.

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“Domiciliary care and childcare coverage are also essential considerations. Always verify with the insurer to see if the insurance he or she buys would cover the cost of home care treatment based on a medical practitioner’s prescription. Senior persons should be aware that settling a lawsuit is a simple process. When purchasing a health insurance policy, look for an insurer that offers an easy settlement method that includes both cashless and reimbursement options,” he noted.

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