Here Are Some Tips to Help You Stay Safe While Browsing the Internet


Now that high-speed internet is accessible to everyone, a large number of users have started flocking the internet for work or entertainment. 

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With billions of people using it daily, this is a testament to the advancements seen in the development of cyberspace. 

The internet can be a fascinating place as well as a challenging one where our duty as users is to ensure  that our data and identity remains safe, especially from hackers. Other than using the internet for work and leisure, it is also used for a lot of banking and financial platforms, which are often targeted by hackers. 

With the risk of being targeted by such people, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves on the internet. So here are a few tips to help ensure that your time spent on the internet is a safe experience without anyone prying. 

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  • Stop clicking on everything

This is for the ones who keep clicking everything they see on their screen. Mostly these buttons are scams used to dupe people on the internet. If you see fake emails and cash offers or exotic holiday packages for free, stay away from them. 

Download buttons you see from untrustworthy sites may be malware disguised in order to hack into computers and steal sensitive information. So keep your hands away when you feel like checking out random sites or download links. 

  • Use a safe VPN

Lots of VPNs may not be trustworthy as they come with several ads and a possible risk of malware. So invest in a good VPN, most are paid and bug-free, which help you anonymously create a private network from a public one so that we cannot be tracked. 

It also helps create another IP address instead of the original one. VPNs from a reliable source help in securing your connection without ensuring any other interruptions. 

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  • Turn off your location tracking

Apps that want to track your location unnecessarily are not to be trusted. When you download such apps, make sure to disable location sharing with them. 

Even on social media apps like Facebook, make sure you deny location access for other than when you’re using any location-based services. Even when you’re using your internet browser, some sites try to access your location. So you need to go to settings and change location access for these sites. 

  • Change passwords regularly

This is something that no one needs to be told about. It is a healthy habit to keep changing your passwords often. 

Most people still use easy and unsafe passwords like “12345” and other such weak passwords which tend to put the users at risk often. Stick to personalised passwords, but make sure you don’t repeat it for other apps, otherwise your system will be at the verge of being hacked. 

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Make sure you use special characters in your passwords as well, or if you can’t keep up with the number of passwords, just get a password manager. 

  • Use incognito and avoid free wi-fi

Free wi-fi sounds great, but may come with its risks of being exposed to malware and more scams. So avoid it and stick to your own source of using the internet. Secure your privacy and data with this step. 

Incognito is great for when you’re trying to access a site without leaving a trace on your browser history, but it also helps restrict the storage of cookies or temporary internet files. Make sure your time on the internet is private without letting anyone else track your online activity. 

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