Guide to April Fool’s Day Tricks That May Not Leave Any Knives at Your Throat.


April Fool’s Day is not an annual ritual for just thickheads. The day is widely celebrated with multiple pranks that even go overboard by many people.

From pranks that are annoying but funny to crooked, unpleasant ones that go terribly wrong when executed, April Fool’s Day has been all about its trial and error methods. But, have you thought about how your child’s play could terribly affect your friends or relatives?

Yes, your silly pranks might even be fatal. “Remember, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you don’t see or know- be kind.”

April Fool's Day

Here are a list of things you may want to avoid on this April Fool’s Day:

  • Do not make death jokes:

While you buddy might be very aware about the falsehood of your statement, your friend or relative getting pranked might not realize that. Making a joke that you are dying or someone close has been on an accident is actually cruel to joke about.

If the person you are pranking has serious medical conditions related to heart, then the two of you are doomed! Plus where does the fun lie in making someone cry and bawl their eyes out? rethink your logics.

Memes Are Funny, Indeed Not! Here’s Why We Say That.

  • Keep off Internet:

Playing on a bigger field such as the internet only worsens the situation. With your pranks now up on the internet, your audience will increase and so will the shock radar that may not be as funny or fool-worthy as you may perceive it to be.

Another major con would be that, you may not b able to delete the thread or worse someone even reports you.

  • Say bye-bye to extreme-case Pseudo-good news updates:

Let’s not be jerks. Do you really want to build someone’s expectations and then ruin their whole day by calling it a April Fool’s prank? Don’t think so.

While it might be funny to prank your siblings with fake news about the renewal of their favorite show, playing with their feelings by saying how they got into their dream school is not so nice or diplomatic.

  • So what is the appropriate joke or prank that you can pull?

While this lies highly subjective, you start with knowing the person you are pranking well. You would automatically know all the genuine ways to prank the person. Food pranks are always fun and entertaining.

Mix up your friend’s or sibling’s sugar with salt and see them go baloneys. It is always best to know the person you are ranking personally. You would know the kind of reaction that might be received and thus, you will limit yourself to the situation that might arise.

  • Friendly suggestions on pranks

If you are pranking a friend today, your best bet is to switch the M and N keys on his/her keyboard and see them go haywire. Both of you can have a good laugh after he/she discovers the setting.

Prank calls never get old. Get an un-mutual friend to ring up the person you want to prank and ask them to keep at it for the whole day or better the whole month.

You can also try using rubber snakes and filling the water tub with it. Although be careful about who you are pulling this prank on. It’ll be a fun evening of laughter inside the washroom.

Sitcoms that can crack your funny bone.

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