GSuite From Google Received ‘Dark Theme’ Update Finally


Tech giant Google has finally launched the ‘Dark Theme’ mode for their GSuite applications Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides today. In an official statement released, the search engine platform shared the rollout of their new feature on the three file managing software. 

Google has already launched the dark theme on its famous applications including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Chrome Browser, and many more. And now after many speculations and a lot more waiting period, the most used documentation applications are also going Dark. 

Last month, a claim made by 9to5Google hinted over the addition of “Dark Assets” in the GSuite apps. Google, however, did not respond over any such updates but now by bringing up the dark theme on-board, the news has eventually got affirmed. 


Dark Theme Google

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How to activate Dark Theme on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

Google has made it clear that the updated features will be available for Android 10 and Android 11 Beta users. Such users can activate the dark theme in the three apps simply by going to your device’s ‘Settings,’ tapping on ‘Display,’ and then ‘Theme.’ 

Alternatively, if you do not want the dark mode on every app, you can choose too dark only those which you select. To enable or disable dark features separately, open a particular app, and click on the menu button. From here, navigate to Settings and then choose your theme.

Dark theme is widely acclaimed by those who like it dim while working in late-night hours. The white color blast which projects out of these high contrast apps could damage a user’s retina and their overall sight. To avoid such conditions, dark mode is more preferable during night time. 

Moreover, people generally like the dark theme in day time also. It is a statement of choice and interests. Some like it while reading eBooks or surfing the internet in broad daylight. And it is totally understandable. But what if you might not want to present the file you are working on in exactly that mode.

In this particular case, you can take the help of the preview option. With this feature, you can see a small glimpse of how your file will be seen by others. To preview a document file, open the selected sheet, document, or slide and click on More button on the upper right corner. 

Then, select ‘view in light theme’ to see the file in light mode while keeping your system in the dark theme. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides ‘Dark Theme’ mode will be available on all smartphone users in a week’s device. No statements have been made related to the update on iOS devices till now. 

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