Google Calendar: Remembering Birthdays Got Easier With This Hack

Google Calendar apps can be used for an array of tasks starting from making meetings to dropping notifications about the same and remember dates as well. But one of the most important things that it can be used for is remembering birthdays.

google calendar

Yes! It might have sounded quite a non-serious task but remembering birthdays can take you long ways and Google Calendar can help you out with that.

Now, it might look simple but it needs a little bit of effort to do this one simple task.

Getting Birthday Reminder on Android

    • Open the Google Contacts app.
    • Select the contact that you want to add the birthday of.
    • This step can be avoided if you follow the steps mentioned below every time you add a new contact.
    • After adding the contact details of the person, 
    • Add details in the column called Birthday.
    • Hurray! Contacts birthday has been added to the contact details and thus, calendar as well.
    • In the next step, open Google Calendar, and click on the hamburger icon.
    • Click on the My Calendar icon next.

  • In there, enable the option marked as birthday calendar.
  • Now, you’ll be notified every time you have a birthday coming.

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Getting Birthday Reminder on iPhone

  • This will work only if you added birthdays in contact information for the person you’re looking to wish on their birthday.
  • Open Calender app on your iPhone.
  • Open settings and click on ‘Allow Notificatons’.
  • In the next step, select option for ‘Default Alert Times’.
  • Select a specific time for birthday reminder.
  • Voila! It’s done.

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