Google Android 12: All You Need to Know about the Latest OS


Google released the first beta version of its most awaited OS, Android 12, on May 18, 2021. The American technological giant is touting the Android 12 as the most personal, secure and effortless operating system ever. Google claims that Android 12 is aimed at delivering new privacy and safety features that put the user in command of their data. Also, if a user decides to change their handset, the latest operating system will let them easily transfer their data without any hassle. Gameplay and running heavy software on smartphones will also become smoother with the introduction of Android 12.

What’s Special about Android 12:

The Most Personal UI:

Google is claiming that the operating system has dynamic colour capabilities, which can help transform the user experience completely. This ability lets the OS enhance the user experience by studying the patterns of your wallpapers and responsive touches. An excellent addition has been made to the widgets to make people you constantly conversate with available on your home screen. Android 12 has also been optimised for people with low vision. It can detect on its own the colour contrasts you are most comfortable with and use that to offer you a unique experience. Let’s discuss in detail the features that make it the most personal UI.

Reimagined Colours

Android 12 uses advanced algorithms to match your colour preference. One can easily customise the whole experience based on the wallpaper. It can adapt the colour scheme of wallpaper for your notifications, settings, widgets and even a few selected apps.

Responsive and Smooth Interface

Google has said that the touch and transition from one app to another feels very responsive and smoother in Android 12. The animations are on point, and it quickly responds to your demands. All in all, it can match your speed and work in perfect harmony with you.

New Conversation Widget

Google has come up with an interesting and delightful feature that people would certainly adore. The new conversation widget lets you add your favourite chats to the home screen. One can even look at the birthdays and missed calls of the people whose chats have been added to the home screen with just a slide.

New Accessibility Features

  • Area Magnification: Now, you can zoom in on the specific content on your screen without losing out on the closely aligned content.
  • Extra Dim: Even the lowest brightness settings feel too bright at night-time scrolling? Now, that problem is solved with this extra dim feature that puts you in control of the brightness of your screen.
  • Bold Text: Have visibility problems and find it too hard to read the texts in the normal font? Now, you can switch to read and write bolder texts across all your apps with Android 12.
  • Greyscale: Adjust the colours on your screen with this feature.

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New Safety Protocols in Android 12:

android 12 safety protocols

Android 12 is Google’s most secure operating system yet. You can use powerful privacy features that give you complete control over your data and activities on the smartphone. Google is saying that your peace of mind has been taken care of with Android 12. Let’s look at what you get as new safety features.

Greater Mic and Camera Control

With Android 12, users will have the ability to control the access of the mic and camera. The operating system will notify the users when an application uses the mic and camera in the background. You can quickly disable the permission if you think the application is compromising your privacy and safety.

Control Your Location

Android 12 will enable the users to control the location sharing with apps. While some apps like maps and navigation require your exact location, other apps which ask for location access can work with your approximate location. Google now lets you share approximate location with most of the apps.

Dashboard for Privacy Permissions

The Android 12 users will be able to look at the activities of apps in the previous 24 hours. With this permission dashboard, you can disable any permission for an app if you find the actions of a particular app to be suspicious.

Private Compute Core

Google has built a private compute core that protects the data you do not want to leak out from your device. This computing core is entirely open-sourced and can be verified for safety standards at any time by the community of tech experts. Any data stored in the computing core will require specific action from users before it can be shared with Google or any other app or service.

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What Makes Android 12 Effortless?

What makes Android 12 Effortless?

Android 12 is an effortless operating system that enhances your gaming experience. It also lets you easily transfer data and capture a lot more in one go without wasting effort and time. Here’s a look at the features that make Android 12 effortless.

Gameplay Without Full Download

Do you want to play a game without waiting for a long time before it completely downloads? Now, you can do it with the latest operating system. Start a download for a game you want to play and start playing it even when it’s being downloaded. You can also choose the mode you want to play in. If you want a rich experience, you can opt for that, but if you’re going to play for longer hours, you can opt for a battery-saving mode.

Scrolling Screenshots

Say goodbye to taking multiple screenshots of a page to access the complete information or data. With Android 12, you can take scrolling screenshots which can cover the whole page in just one go.

Ease of Transfer of Data

We all know the hassle we had to go through when we first changed our smartphones. Transferring data from one phone to another took a lot of time and effort. But now, you can just connect your old phone to the new phone with the help of a cable or a shared Wi-Fi connection to transfer all your data.


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