Free Online OCR: 3 Best Optical Character Recognition Tools for Text Recognition


In this modern time, almost every person owns a technological device like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Most of the work is done through an online platform and that’s why there is a need for PDFs to send a compilation of documents. With the help of Optical Character Recognition, it is easy to convert images and documents into PDFs. 


Professionals from different fields need to use this technology. The reason due to which one should use OCR is because it won’t ask you to write documents again on a digital platform. You just need to click pictures and reduce paper wastage by choosing PDF files as a medium. You can convert images to text easily by using this technology. Here are the top OCR tools for you. 

1.Simple OCR 

If you want to convert images to text, then you can use this tool. In this software, you can convert images, text into PDF easily. During the validation stage, the conversion will begin and the users can also use a spell-checker during conversion. When the file will be converted, it will be saved in text or Doc format. You will get fourteen days of free trial with this software. It will be safe to use and your data will be deleted when you will download your file.

You can go to if you want to convert images to text. At first, you need to select the file, text, or image which you want o convert. You can drag & drop the file on the page and then choose a language for the output. You can also select the type of output you want to get. 

You can also use this tool if you want to convert pdf to text. Nonetheless, after selecting the output format, you need to click on the Recognize button. After this, you can download the file. You can also use this tool to convert videos and audios into different formats. You can sign up for the software if you need the help of the conversion tool regularly. This tool is useful if you want to ensure data protection and safety. There will be no chances of theft when you are using a reputed tool. 

  • Microsoft OneNote 

This is the online OCR tool and you can convert text and images to PDF and vice versa. This tool comes with advanced functions and can work well with handwritten notes as well as pictures. You just need to scan the picture in this software and then you can also clip out the certain part if you want. You can copy text from image and then paste it in OneNote, Notepad, or word. You can copy the text from all pages at once by choosing a printout of all pages. The accuracy of this tool will depend upon the picture quality also. 

So, these are one of the best ocr pdf tools. You can use these tools whenever you want to convert your images or text to pdf format. It will be very easy if you will follow the given instructions by the software.

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