Follow these steps to link your pan card with LIC Policy


]It should be remembered that the Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric identification number regulated and issued by the Income Tax Agency in the form of a laminated card to any ‘individual’ who qualifies for it or to whom the administration allots the number without an implementation. It should be noted that the PAN-Aadhaar connecting deadline, which was set for September 30, 2021, has been postponed to March 31, 2022. PAN cardholders should also be aware that they can integrate their Life Insurance Policies (LIC) with their PAN.

According to LIC, there are a number of advantages to connecting your PAN to your insurance. For this, you must provide your mobile phone number, and an OTP will be sent to that registered mobile number. With that OTP, the connection of the documents will be accomplished. Regarding the submission of the form, you will see a notification indicating that your enrollment has been finished. You can finish this activity quickly by going to the LIC webpage. The LIC has provided three procedures for this, making it simple to link a LIC policy to a PAN.

Steps to link your pan card with LIC policy

  • Submit your PAN number as well as a listing of your insurance on the LIC’s website.
  • Please include your telephone or cell phone number. The LIC will issue an OTP to that phone number, which you must enter.
  • After filling the application, you will be notified that your enrolment request was successful. This means your PAN has been connected to a LIC policy.

Why it is Mandatory to link Aadhar card with pan card?

Many official documents must now be connected to a PAN number. The deadline has been set for September 30th but is now extended to 31st march 2022.   According to this, both documents must be interlinked; otherwise, PAN may experience a number of issues.

Write UIDPAN in your phone’s text box, then input your Aadhaar number and PAN card number in the areas provided. Texts can be sent to 567678 or 56161. Following that, the Income Tax Department will undergo a process of linking the two documentations. You will obtain the message on your phone once both documents have been integrated. There is a text on the phone regarding this. You can also check its updates if you want.

Here’s how to find out what’s the current status of interlinking process:

  • Open on your browser for further information.
  • Then input your PAN and Aadhaar card number.
  • Now, choose ‘Show Link Aadhaar Status.’
  • The linking status will be displayed on the following screen.

Don’t require any Paperwork

There is no need to submit any documentation to connect the two documents. Aadhaar and a PAN are all that is required. However, the content in both documents must be comparable; only then will the linkage be acceptable.

The connectivity work will be discontinued if there is a mismatch. The notice ‘Identity data mismatch’ may appear during the setup stage. This is for a purpose. This demonstrates that the data you submitted varies from the info supplied by Aadhaar or PAN. The alert ‘Identity Data Mismatch’ happen as a consequence of this discrepancy. To fix this, make sure your details are correct and true.

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