Follow These Simple Steps to Check Your Income Tax Refund Status


You are required to file your income tax return to claim the refund amount, if you paid higher tax amounts last year also check your income tax refund status. The tax department assesses after possessing the ITR, if a refund is payable then an intimation is sent via SMS email, under section 143(i) of the Income Tax Act.

The amount of refund is disclosed via the intimation and it is directly credited into our account with a number known as the refund sequence number. All refunds are processed by the State Bank of India (SBI).

Income Tax Refund Status

Refunds can be sent directly to the taxpayer’s credit account using RTGS/NEFT or by getting a cheque or demand draft issued. Correct detail entry is important as the refund will be given to the mentioned account or address. The tax department had changed their terms for refund on March 1, 2019 and now pay refunds to those bank accounts who have their PAN linked using their e-filing site.

How to check your income tax refund status:

  • Via income tax e-filing site
  • Through the TIN NSDL site


Via the income tax e-filing site

In order to track your income tax refund status, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website,
  • Fill in the following details and login easily: PAN, password and the captcha code provided.
  • After logging in, click on “View Returns/Forms”
  • Then, select “Income Tax Returns” and click on submit.
  • Click on the Acknowledgement number mentioned. It is a hyperlink to the relevant assessment year on the system.
  • A new webpage appears on the screen showing details of the ITR form filing.
  • This webpage will asko show details of assessment year, status, reason for failure (if any) and mode of payment as well.

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Through the TIN NSDL site

Income tax refund status can also be checked via the TIN NSDL site. The steps to check your refund status on this site are as follows:

  • Open the website,
  • Under the Services dropdown menu, click on “Status of Tax Refunds”.
  • Enter your PAN details
  • Select the assessment year for which you have applied the refund.
  • A captcha code appears on the screen and you need to fill it and submit.
  • As per the refund status, a notifying message will pop up on your screen.

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As per the refund status notification that appears on the screen, you may be required to re-issue a request due to some reason or error that may have occurred on the site. And a re-issue can be applied using the following steps:

  • Visit the income tax filing website,
  • Click on the “My Account” option and select “Service Request”.
  • The request type to be submitted is “Refund Reissue” under “New Request”.
  • A new tab showing your PAN number, assessment year, communication reference number and return type.
  • Click on “Submit” and fill in your bank and address details.
  • Verify using an Electronic Verification Code (EVC) or a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in order to complete the refund reissue process.

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