Factors That Could Affect The Production of The Vaccine.


Every nation is working 24×7 to come up with a vaccine for the COVID-19. In the last 3 months, the shift has been observed by all of the 7 Billion peoples on Earth. The novel Coronavirus has brought down economies and health graphs such that they strive hard to cope up. And now, the fight against it has been lighted up. 

Currently, more than 70 countries, including India, have joined WHO’s trial to accelerate research on effective treatments. And 20 institutions and companies are racing to develop a vaccine.


Last month, India began the first large-scale clinical trial looking at ‘Hydroxychloroquine’, a chemical used for the creation of such vaccines, as a possible treatment for the coronavirus. And now, India is foreseen as a major source for it.

Many countries are urging PM Narendra Modi and the Indian government to supply an adequate amount of this chemical to aid their medical condition. And being one of the biggest drug producers in the world, India some other plans for it. 

Our country, along with WHO, is ensuring their practices for equitable distribution of vaccines. Because the rich could hoard the supplies, this has to go without exclusively providing it to the countries which make them and not to all.

Many factors could affect the production of the vaccine. Some of these are: 

Fast Production of Vaccine

The foremost condition is the fact of scaling up manufacturing. Because the worldwide pandemic is taking the globe under its grasp.

But as compared to other countries, India lack on one condition: Testing. Our government does not allow testing new vaccinations on animals. 

Though the current situations ask for its need. But the slow testing procedures result in degrading the efficiency of the Indian manufacturers.

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But it turns out that in terms of capability our national medical resources, scientists and doctors are nothing less than those of China, Europe, and the US.

Financing the Production of Vaccine

India is a strong country in terms of GDP and the economy. But amid the situations, our national resources are on the tightly held situation for usage against replenishment.

With the lockdown, our daily earnings might have effected with considerable amounts. Serum Institute of India (SII) is entitled to the responsibility of producing the vaccine.

Currently, the institution has over $100 million budget for the production. And as of now, the optimistic reports suggests that the proper vaccines are to be expected not before a year. 


“Vaccine distribution is open for every community”. The motto suits every institution and laboratory that has been a part of the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. As the situation becomes critical, without equitable distribution, the novel Coronavirus will reach to less-developed countries. 

A fair distribution mechanism is to be opted by every organization, without fueled with the feeling of superiority or power. A major example is the H1N1 2009 pandemic where wealthy sources negotiated and placed large sums of vaccine and crowding against those who were unable to bid higher. 

Laws Against Hoarding

If we consider the fact of having an abundance of vaccine, will the Indian government or other medium and lower GDP economies as compared to India giving away the vaccines for fewer costs. Surely our deep within history showcase that we should. 

As a solution, countries could agree on a framework that could set up protective measures for other countries, keeping our resources sufficient for the Indian Citizens.

The World Health Assembly is going to be held in May. So India could expect some freedom of putting such ideas in the agreement.


As compared to the world’s economy, India will be less hurt in terms of GDP and capital growth. The fall in prices of oil is a blessing for us. And India is growing strong on domestic market share.

Production of COVID-19 testing kit, protective gear, masks, and other hospitable services are on-track. And we could hope for the best that vaccines would be made soon enough before the count rises in the country.


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