Everything About Delhi Metro Grey Line, All Set To Run on Delhi-Haryana Route


Delhi Metro Grey Line (Dwarka-Najafgarh) is good to go to accomplish the Delhi-Haryana border at Dhansa this ensuing month. The 4.3-km Dwarka-Najafgarh segment of Grey Line, associating the rustic of Najafgarh with the remainder of the city through the Metro organization, had opened to people in general.

Delhi Metro Grey Line


This opened to the overall population in October 2019. Delhi Metro is known as the lifeline of Dilli and the Grey Line is the littlest hallway of the Delhi Metro with just three trains on the line.

The 1.2-km stretch with one station was scheduled to be finished by May 2021 however some work still needs to be done. As per sources, the last security inspection of the part is probably going to occur on July 10.

Grey Line associates Najafgarh with the rest of the capital, in light of the trade office with the Blue Line (Dwarka-Vaishali/Noida Digital Metropolis) at Dwarka. The Grey Line is the hall of Delhi Metro with just three trains on that line with the complete travel time on this part being six minutes and 20 seconds.

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After the public authority declaration of the COVID-19 opening cycle in May, the continuation of DMRC’s Grey Line development projects was permitted, around then Delhi Metro had around 3,500 specialists accessible at 5-6 destinations.

The augmentation to Dhansa Bus Stand on the Delhi-Haryana border was planned to open the expansion from Najafgarh to the Dhansa Bus Stand segment will undoubtedly be finished by May 2021. Because of the COVID-19, work must be stopped and will continue with open guidelines.

It includes a 2.7 km raised region and the other of a 1.5 km underground segment. In this metro rail augmentation project, the 700 m-long tunnels have been constructed utilizing a passage exhausting machine, inside which 290 m of the tunnel has worked after utilizing the cut-and-cover technique.

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