End of An Era: Apple Discontinues the iPod Touch


Apple, the technological conglomerate, has finally announced the discontinuation of the last Apple iPod from the market. It ends the 15-year journey of the beloved iPod series. The iPod touch was the last remaining iPod that Apple still produced. However, the latest press release on the 10th of May 2022 has revealed that the company will no longer manufacture the iPod, hence bringing an end to the iPod generation.

However, the American company has made it clear that it will not retract the already available for sale iPod Touch in the market. While the supply lasts, interested users can still secure the device. iPod was a revolutionary invention in music streaming that brought Apple to the forefront of the music industry.

ipod touch

The first iPod has launched over two decades ago and revolutionised the experience of listening to music and podcasts. It competed with the Walkman and became instantly popular with Apple’s superior technology and reliability. The iPod series includes the original iPod, the popular iPod nano, the iconic iPod Shuffle, and the iPod Touch, which was almost similar to a smartphone.

ipod touch

The Apple iPod Touch was launched in 2007 alongside the company’s first iPhone. The hardware and software in the iPod Touch resembled the iPhone and only lacked the ability to make calls. It was the only difference that separated the two products. Since then, the iPod has gone through many phases of revisions, and the latest version of the iPod Touch was released to the public in 2019.

The decision to discontinue the iPod series was not a surprise, as many people have already speculated the same. The sales for the iPod have almost evaporated, with AirPods becoming more and more popular and iPhone becoming too advanced. Apple has lost interest in the product in the last couple of years, and finally, the awaited announcement was made to the public.

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