Easy Steps To Book Online Appointment For Getting Your Aadhaar Updated

Easy Steps To Book Online Appointment For Getting Your Aadhaar Updated

Have you ever tried updating your Aadhaar card information manually by visiting an official center in your city? If not then, just know that it’s a process that involves a serious headache. Now, you ask why?

Checkout how to book online appointment for updating your Aadhaar card

The answer to that is, first we have to get an appointment and for that, you need to wake up a 6 and manually visit the center, where the number will be allotted. This whole process is to be performed at the break of the dawn, which is tiring in itself.

Now, even when done, the process of updation is so slow that your number might come in decades, and if you miss, then you’d have to get reassigned for the next day. Seems dreadful, right?

But, wait! did you know that this process of booking your appointment is also available through an online medium? We bet not, for most of us, don’t. But there is a way which can save you a lot of time while performing the process.

All you have to do for that is visit https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/ and book yourself an appointment by following the asked procedure. Which will simply ask your city and location, after the feeding of which you can proceed.

In the next step, you would have to choose between three options namely Aadhaar Updates, New Aadhaar, and Manage Appointments. Choose the first one and on the next page fill in personal details along with the Aadhaar number and all that’s asked for. Afterwhich, you can choose a nearby Aadhaar service center.

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In the next step, on the successful booking of an appointment, an information page showing the details of the same would pop-up. Looking at which, you can get details about your booking number, the timing of appointment, and more.

Voila! you have successfully made sure that you don’t have to stand in line for getting a teeny tiny query fixed in Aadhaar.

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