Don’t be hard on yourself!

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There is soo many times that life events are not in sync with what we planned and as an outcome, those situations turn us to be someone we are not. Or probably we take those situations to be overpowering our entire self. We often end up being hard on ourselves and pushing ourselves to extremes.
Well, in such cases there are a few remedies that will help you out.

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    1. Talk about it

      Sometimes sharing with others becomes quite a difficult situation, you are under an impression that you are strong enough and you really are okay without sharing your mental state. Don’t do this, talk instead! You can’t juggle in your own thoughts all the time, you need to get that clutter out of head to start fresh, because the more you clear the more you have space to fill (win-win, right?) haha no, it’s talking get you those opinions sometimes which you can’t see being in that situation, so they might just help you in a way.

    2. Take a break

      If something in your head is bothering you a lot then it’s right time to take a break than pushing yourself, by staying late at work and trying super hard to exhaust yourself won’t take you a long way. Go out, spend time with your thoughts, take it easy on you and just relax. Because more you store inside, more it worries you in long term. So, break-in hard times is important.

    1. Don’t compare yourself to others because you aren’t them.

      You’re you, so accept yourself for who you are, faults and all.

    2. Observe your thoughts and emotions.

      Life changes are part of the deal so acknowledging them should always be the first step. How are you responding to a particular situation or a person? What are your immediate feelings? And what is the reason for you to feel this way?
      Asking yourself these questions can help you understand why you are having such a profound response to something. Don’t censor yourself just to give an impression of a good person or sound like one. Be truthful. It’s the only way to find out what’s really beneath it all.

  1. Accept what you can’t change

    Certain things are there which are not under your control, you just can’t help that situation, so the best way to be at peace and to move on is to accept the truth and accept the fact that you really can’t change, breathe through it, and know that this is happening because it’s time for us to grow.

  2. Don’t forget to Celebrate

    We often underestimate what we have achieved and grind towards what we haven’t achieved, So guys, celebrate your smallest achievements because the smallest of rewards to yourself prepare you for the bigger ones and boost your inner confidence.