DL and RC Would be Renewed Using Aadhaar Card Via Online Medium Soon


The  Ministry of Road Transport has requested the IT ministry for initiation of operation to amend DL and RC via online method. The decision has been made in light of the pandemic situation.

It will also help the Ministry to verify the said documents and reduce the practice of fraudulent methods for gaining the same document. The verification medium is set to be the Aadhaar card of the individual.

DL and RC

“The central government may allow Aadhaar authentication by requesting entities in the interest of good governance, preventing leakage of public funds, promoting ease of living of residents and enabling better access to services for them,” the Aadhaar Authentication for Good Governance (Social Welfare, Innovation, Knowledge) Rules, 2020, the earlier proposal of the road and the transport ministry said.

This step is being taken because the citizens cannot go out of their homes for any kind of work due to the pandemic. And calling them out for their document verification or so would seem unfair. This is why the Ministry of Road Transport had personally written a letter to the IT ministry for the same.

Up until yet, we can register for a learning license and permanent license. Also, one can apply for dates for appearing for the same. Now, with this inclusion of verification via the Aadhaar card, one can also renew their RC as well.

This will be a big step for the vehicle owners and if you don’t have any idea as to why so. Then you need to check the queue that assembles at the Transport office of your particular region. And believe us, it’s quite long.

Furthermore, the digital age is knocking on our doors and if not now then we don’t know when will be the right time for switching to digital mediums. And it goes true for individuals as well as Governments of the countries.

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