COVID-19: Why Females Are Facing Less Severe Symptoms Than Males

COVID-19: Why Females Are Facing Less Severe Symptoms Than Males

The pandemic has taken everyone in its grip and there is not one single soul that is not affected by the same. But research shows that females might be an advantage against the males in regards to the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

There was a research conducted at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in the US. They concluded that due to the production of the female hormone estrogen, the level of angiotensin-converting enzyme2 (ACE2) in the heart is lower as compared to males.

COVID-19: Why Females Are Facing Less Severe Symptoms Than Males

Now, the Coronavirus affects the heart majorly, and lowering ACE2 helps in making the symptoms much less severe in the case of the females.

If you’re wondering how does lowering ACE2 help? Then the reason is that ACE2 is actually a receptor for coronavirus. And ACE2 is attached to cell membranes of heart, arteries, kidneys, and intestines. And using ACE2 they make their way into these organs.

So, in that way having fewer ACE2 will lead in an individual having less severity against the disease.

This also explains why we are seeing a worse condition of males in regard to the same pandemic condition.

Leanne Groban, a professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine commented “We know that coronavirus affects the heart and we know that estrogen is protective against cardiovascular disease in women, so the most likely explanation seemed to be hormonal differences between the sexes,”

“We hope that our review regarding the role of estrogenic hormones in ACE2 expression and regulation may explain the gender differences in COVID-19 infection and outcomes, and serve as a guide for current treatment and the development of new therapies,” Groban said.

The pandemic has derailed the world from its normal routine and the world is under lockdown since the last half-year. There is a depressive sentiment rising among the general public. And most of us are eagerly waiting for the coronavirus medication to arrive soon.

Now, extracting such useful information from researches helps a lot in fast-pacing the process of providing medication.

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But one more thing, now we know that our female counterpart is a little protected from the COVID-19. This is good news in a time where only bad news is surfacing one after another.

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