Checkout prices and plans of Google One subscription as Google photos will not be free

Checkout prices and plans of Google One subscription as Google photos will not be free

Google Photos user will be forced to clean out their closets and do some spring cleaning – at the end of this month, high quality images on the Google Photos app will now count against the 15GB of storage offered on the Drive cloud storage app. But worry not Google One will be there for you to save your pictures!

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What exactly is Google One?

The Google One subscription introduced by the company aims to integrate all your photos on the Photos and Drive app, now at the cost of a premium. Gmail, Photos, and Drive all collectively will make up 15GB of this free storage.

Checkout prices and plans of Google One subscription

Pricing and various plans of Google One Subscription

When users pay for the base subscription plan of 100 GB, they access Google experts, add family members for sharing, and enjoy “extra member benefits.”. With such features, the Rs.149 monthly and Rs.1499 annually may be a solid pay off, competing with the Apple One storage platform. Available in other regions and soon to come to India, subscribers have access to Google’s exclusive VPN.

Other, more upscale plans include 2TB plan that costs Rs.749 per month and Rs.7,500 per year, and 200GB plan costs Rs.219 per month and Rs.2,199 per year. The prices displayed here are reflective of the fresh new Google One app, and Google’s official adverting platform shows relatively cheaper rates, at 650 per month and Rs.6,500 per year for 2 TB, and Rs.210 per month and 2,100 per year for the 200 GB. The app seems to be multifaceted and the future of Android Storage.

Safety and Security

Safe and Secure are the main features when you go for backup of your phone or laptop data. We have personally use Google One, so its probably one of the best secure places for your data

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