What Jennifer Anniston Told Us About the 'Friends' Movie.

Jennifer Anniston Might Have Told Us About the New ‘Friends’ Movie Already.

Jennifer Aniston has been recently getting a ton of limelight as first she literally crashed the Instagram when she joined the platform and set...
Howard Schultz: The Brain behind Starbucks.

Howard Schultz: The Brain behind world’s biggest Coffee brand, Starbucks.

Starbucks is one of the most iconic and influential brands all over the world but it started as a store selling coffee beans and...
Sitcoms That Can Crack Your Funny Bone

Sitcoms that can crack your funny bone.

The ultimate classic sitcom 'FRIENDS'  had been enjoyed by two different generations now and it will continue to engage all the coming ones due...
Top 5 Motivational Movies Of All Time.

Top 5 motivational movies of all time.

Sometimes it's hard to carry the weight of countless burdens on our shoulders and us long to gasp for air and look for some...
Top 5 Animated Movies Everyone Should Watch Atleast Once

Top 5 animated movies everybody should watch once in their life.

The cinema industry has evolved and we are now getting a hold of future or the past with the help of animation of CGI...

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