Social Media Habits

Habits To Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Social media has always been an integral part of our life. Our best days to not so good become a part of others' lives...

Can Todays Millennial leader become tomorrow’s CEO?

Millennial accounts for about a quarter of today’s world population, which compromises of about 1.8billion people. Making them the fastest-growing segment of the workforce....
Reasons to avoid non-veg food

Why to Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food these days.

We all have our reasons to love non-vegetarian food but here are a few why to avoid non-vegetarian food these days. Around 89% of world...

Self-Motivation is The Key to Everything, Checkout to Know Why?

Self-motivation is an integral part of success in any sphere of life because it is what helps a person to complete a task without...
Women's Guide To Safety.

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Predators, Women’s Guide on Safety?

There has been a vibe of fear and narcissism in the air after the Hyderabad Rape and Murder Tragedy which shook the nation to...

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