Can Aadhaar Number Be Used For Possible Bank Frauds? Explained below

We have seen certain times that hackers such as Elliot Alderson, who took up this name from the protagonist of a series related to the cyber world and hacking, had demonstrated faults in the important public database of the country such as Aadhaar.

This means that Aadhaar card details can be hacked and used for faulty means by someone who wanted to harm you in any way.

Can Aadhaar Number Be Used For Possible Bank Frauds?

Now, the most one could get affected by something that is connected with the Aadhaar is, if someone hacks their bank account details. And gain access to everything including personal financial information and the ability to withdraw money on their behalf.

If true, then this can be a very serious problem that needs a strong solution. But wait! is this really even true that ‘ Aadhaar Number Can Be Used For Possible Bank Frauds?’

Well! For those who seek information, they might already know that UIDAI, the governing body for Aadhaar has already given a statement on that front. But if you fall into the general crowd of people that still don’t know then it goes something like this.

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UIDAI denies the fact that anybody can access your bank account using just Aadhaar access. The reason being that Banking systems have much more strong and secure databases which require heavy authentication.

Which might include OTP, PIN, Biometric, and different types of authentication metrics before making sure the right person is getting access.

Furthermore, the Aadhaar database is not that loosely packed, and even though we have seen some instances where there might have some faults been observed but it doesn’t mean that they’ll never be fixed.

So, in a way, one can say the Aadhaar database is secured and no one getting your Aadhaar details on the first hand. But even if somehow they do, then there is no risk related to the fraud in your banking account.

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