Bose Product Launch: QC Earbuds, Sport Earbuds, and Three Frames With Audio Capabilities Out In The India Market


Bose is known as one of the leading brands in the audio industry. Whenever they launch a new product the market starts to buzz automatically.

Bose Product Launch: QC Earbuds, Sport Earbuds, and Three Frames With Audio Capabilities Out In The India Market

This time they are out with several products. They have released the new Bose QC earbuds, Bose sports earbuds, and 3 different pairs of glasses.

The Bose QC earbuds are quite premium and start at the price of 26,990 rupees. While the Bose sports earbuds starts at 17,990 rupees.

Both of the newly launched earbuds comes in several colours. Such as triple black and soapstone for the Bose QC and Baltic blue, glacier white, and triple black for the Bose sports earbuds.

Both of these earbuds work on bluetooth 5.1 which is the latest version. While the QC buds have an up time of 6 hours on a single charge, the sports bud gives you a total of 5 hours.

Both of these comes with touch control and supports Android and IOS. The Bose QC buds supports wireless charging features while the sports buds have an IPX4 rating which means it is protected in even the harshest of conditions.

Moving onto the next gadget that they’ve launched, the Bose glasses. And just to remind you they are not simply glasses but much more than that.

Firstly there are three variants of the same namely Frames Tempo, Frames Soprano, Frames Tenor. They are available at a starting price of 21,990 rupees. If you wish for an additional lens then they are available as well at an additional cost.

The body of these frames are made from TR90 which makes them highly durable and resistive in nature. The are dust proof, sweat proof, and scratch proof by all means.

The Frames Tempo is made to look simple and sober while the Frames Tenor is square in shape and the Soprano are in a a cat eye design.

Frames Tempo is powered by a 22mm driver while the other two you are powered by 16mm ones.

Frames Tempo also has an edge when it comes to battery life with a total lasting battery of 8 hours as compared to the other two having just 5.5 hours each.

The Frames Tempo and Soprano also has touch controls on their sides while there is no mention of the same for the Frames Tenor.

All the mentioned Bose devices are currently available for preorder and the sale will start on October 13th 2020.

If you are interested and wish to purchase then you should head onto Bose Premium stores, wholesale partner stores, and e-commerce partners for making a purchase starting mentioned date.

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