Best Instagram Hashtags to Attract Right Followers and Increase Them


Nowadays, Instagram has become the most popular social media platform where people engage personally or expand their business on the platform. In order to make your posts popular, you have to use Instagram Hashtags and Hashtags are really powerful. They can help your posts to reach a target audience and increase engagement.

You have to strategic all-time while using instagram Hashtags because it works on algorithms. Sometimes it can be hard to select suitable Hashtags for your posts so having in-depth knowledge is a must. If you want to attract the right followers then this article will guide you.

Instagram hashtags

What is an Instagram hashtag?

A hashtag is a one-word or multiple words short phrase without spaces with a number sign (#) upfront. Hashtags are used on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to create emphasis on something important by categorizing posts by topic.

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What is the importance of Hashtags?

Every day, around 95 million photos are posted on Instagram. So, in order to categorize those posted photos, hashtags are used so it makes it easy to group photos of the same topic and fall under the same category. This way it helps interested users discover your posts easily.

Hashtags help you to reach your target audience, and more importantly, they help your target audience to find you easily. Users easily engage with your posts with the help of hashtags because it is exactly what they were looking for.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

Using hashtags is a better way to simply attract like-minded people to your account, build a community, or make your account more visible. Before choosing certain hashtags, take a look at the most common ones that you can look at and later categorize them.

Best suitable Instagram Hashtags for companies

If you are a social media manager at a company, then you have to be aware of the popular and trending hashtags that will help to boost your companies Instagram account. And, if you a small business then below are the following hashtags that will surely boost your business in order to get more recognition on Instagram.

  1. Product or service hashtags: Such Hashtags are used for posts related to a company’s product or service offerings like #hairsalon or #knitwear, etc.
  2. Industry niche Hashtags: These Hashtags define the work you do and are more particular than your product or service hashtags like #blackhairsalon or @habdmadeknits, etc.
  3. Campaign Hashtags: These types of Hashtags are useful when you are running a sponsored ad, then you can use a unique Hashtag to keep track of activity relating to the campaign.
  4. Location Hashtags: These are the best Hashtags to draw the attention of people living in your area like #hairsalonnyc or #atlantabakery, etc.
  5. Phrase Hashtags: If you want to levitate someone’s morale by providing inspirational quotes then you can these Hashtags like #writeeveryday or #bebrave, etc.

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Best Instagram Hashtags for individuals

If you consider yourself a well-engaged Instagrammer then you must be using Hashtags to boost your account. Take a look down below at the Hashtags that are available to you.

  1. Personal Hashtags: You can these Hashtags that describe you or are related to you like #me, #selfie, #lovemyself, #lovemylife, etc.
  2. Daily Hashtags: These Hashtags generally come up with a theme on daily basis like #throwbackthursday, #motivationmonday, #workoutwednesday, etc.
  3. Acronym Hashtags: These Hashtags are popular these days as many users are familiar with the acronyms like #ootd (outfit of the day), #potd (photo of the day), etc.
  4. Holiday Hashtags: These are the best Hashtags to express how you are spending your holidays like #Independenceday, #happyholidays, etc.


Maximum number of Hashtags that I can use on Instagram?

If you are a well-engaged Instagrammer and want to create a great impact on your Instagram account, then you can use up to thirty hashtags on a post.

According to the reports, eleven are average Hashtags, and half of these use between one or three hardly. You can use as many hashtags depending upon your marketing goals but using all thirty doesn’t mean better all time.

Will adding Hashtags to every Instagram post be fine?

Yes, it will absolutely be fine. You should stick to only those Hashtags that are related to your product or post as it will help in bringing more engagement to your account. Try to make it as narrow and niche as possible.

Will it be fine to add the same hashtags over and over again?

If all your posts are the same and you keep using the same Hashtags, then Instagram’s algorithm may pull your account’s engagement and posts down. Your posts won’t show up for those tags. If you keep going on like this then Instagram might ban your account because it may look like that you are spamming users.

One way to remain safe is to rotate your Hashtags to make sense and are highly relevant to that specific post.

Is it possible to hide Hashtags in a comment?

Yes, you can hide your Hashtags in a comment. Instagram doesn’t differentiate between caption Hashtags and comment Hashtags. After simply writing a caption, go to the comment section and fill your comment with Hashtags. Now they are completely hidden until someone navigates to the comment section to find about them.

Which Hashtags I should avoid using for my post?

Instagram maintains a list of all the banned Hashtags but it is not public and there is no source for it. If you are not sure about one of your Hashtags then you can look about it in the search function of the app. If it doesn’t show up, then it means that it is banned and if shows up then you can use it.

Top Instagram Hashtags in 2021

  1. #love (2B posts)
  2. #instagood (1.2B posts)
  3. #fashion (900M posts)
  4. #photooftheday (883M posts)
  5. #art (750M posts)
  6. #beautiful (717M posts)
  7. #photography (700M posts)
  8. #follow (620M posts)
  9. #happy (615M posts)
  10. #cute (610M posts)
  11. #instagram (600M posts)
  12. #nature (600M posts)
  13. #tbt (560M posts)
  14. #followme (560M posts)
  15. #travel (544M posts)
  16. #style (500M posts)
  17. #repost (500M posts)
  18. #instadaily (500M posts)
  19. #summer (490M posts)
  20. #selfie (442M posts)
  21. #fitness (433M posts)
  22. #beauty (431M posts)
  23. #food (428M posts)
  24. #fun (400M posts)
  25. #likeforlike (345M posts)

Top trending Instagram Hashtags

  1. #life (366M posts)
  2. #music (350M posts)
  3. #amazing (289M posts)
  4. #nofilter (280M posts)
  5. #sunset (272M posts)
  6. #motivation (258M posts)
  7. #instamood (251M posts)
  8. #foodporn (250M posts)
  9. #handmade (245M posts)
  10. #dogsofinstagram (225M posts)
  11. #bestoftheday (210M posts)
  12. #instafood (190M posts)
  13. #explore (185M posts)
  14. #memes (180M posts)
  15. #followforfollowback (160M posts)
  16. #tweegram (95M posts)
  17. #instagramhub (65M posts)
  18. #quarantine (30M posts)
  19. #BlackLivesMatter (26M posts)

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