Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Remote Working Skills


The rise in Covid-19 cases pushed companies to eventually switch to remote working setups last year and this year too the same tradition is being followed as people lockdown has been extended in different regions of India.

The development and productivity of a nation cannot be possible without technology, that is why we all are bounded to work along with gadgets around us. Online meeting rooms and other essential software have helped us minimize the obstacles to achieve our company’s targets.

Chrome Extensions

Still, there are several other google chrome extensions and software that can help in finishing certain tasks or projects in a considerable amount of time and these simple tools are available inside your browser. You can install browser-based chrome extensions that can plug into your regular workflows such as mail, word, and presentation software.

Top five Google Chrome extensions to up your remote working skills

  1. Simple Gmail Notes

Every time we download a new application on our devices or tablets, we have to register with our Gmail IDs most of the time, resulting in bulking of emails in your inbox. If you are getting a lot of emails in a day then you can take the help of Simple Gmail Notes.

With this tool you can quickly add a note or two for email threads inside your inbox and will be persistent, doesn’t matter whether you open and close your browser again. Notes will be stored in your Google Drive and the extension doesn’t need Gmail access authorization.

  1. Save to Google Drive

If your work demands saving a lot of images, hyperlinks, documents or even HTML5 audio and video then Save to Google Drive will come in handy to move all your web content. As you are done with the installation part of the extension, you can right-click to add a link or photo to your personal Google Drive or Workspace drive.

This google extension also allows you to export a PDF of the existing page using the Chrome Print menu.

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  1. Web time Tracker

We spend a lot of time on our desktops for work purposes, so taking care of our digital wellbeing is also important to keep ourselves healthy and maintain balance in our life too. Website Tracker keeps track of all the websites you visited in past and also notes the time you spent on all the websites.

It will prepare a detailed statistic based on the domain you visited to analyze how much time you spent on a particular domain. The unique feature about this extension is that it works while you are offline.

  1. OneTab

Do you know that opening multiple tabs will consume a lot of memory and make the pc slow? If you are bound to open multiple tabs at the same time because of your work then you can use the OneTab extension in Google Chrome which gives you one button to turn them into a quick list.

If you need to see them then you can bring them again. The developer claims that this will save up to 95% of memory. You can also load your computer quicker from sleep because of a small list of open tabs in Chrome, that is needed to be reloaded.

  1. Ugly Email

Sometimes we receive emails from senders who use tools like pixel tracking, what they actually do is embed a tiny invisible image inside an email just to check whether their mail has been read by the recipient or not. This is not an appropriate thing that should be done with anyone.

This is where Ugly Email comes into play. It will quickly go through all your mails and look for those pixels and block them right away. It also shows an eye icon for each mail so you have an idea that who is trying to check whether you looked at their mails.

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