Arvind Kejriwal In Self Quarantine and Is Scheduled For COVID-19 Test


Arvind Kejriwal has been taking some pretty serious majors for safeguarding the people of Delhi from the pandemic. But despite all his efforts, there is a chance that he have gotten himself tangled with the coronavirus somehow.

Reports say that He has been going through a sore throat and a mild fever and will be going under self-quarantine in order to preserve anyone near him. He is also scheduled to be tested for Tuesday and we will know for sure only then that if the Chief Minister of Delhi is safe or not.

And as usual, Netizens once again resurface when they heard the news but quite surprisingly this time they’ve not been only into making memes but something little different happened. A new hashtag #Delhineedsyou is trending and people are showing love and support to Kejriwal. Also, wishing that hell be well soon.


We have no confirmed news as to what is currently going on with Delhi’s loved CM Arvind Kejriwal but people from his party and other related personalities have been commenting on the issue.

“Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had complained of fever and sore throat on June 7 afternoon. He has self-isolated himself at his residence on the advice of doctors. He will undergo a COVID-19 test tomorrow, i.e. on June 9,” tweeted the Rajya Sabha MP.

While AAP MLA, Raghav Chaddaha tweeted “Dear Arvind Kejriwal – you are our inspiration and hero – a frontline warrior against coronavirus. You put yourself at risk for the well-being of the people of Delhi. As you face a health challenge, our thoughts, wishes, and prayers are with you.”

Apart from that, we’ve been seeing quite a lot of Kejriwal lately, and if you correctly remember he had been seen addressing the public on several occasions during the lockdown.

In one of his conferences on Sunday, he mentioned that hospitals coming under the Delhi government have been sending a notice to treat only local residents of Delhi. Previously he also blocked the Delhi borders for any kind of commute within Delhi.

He has been the CM of Delhi since 2013 and he has been making sheer progress from the day he joined. That’s why the public loved him and supports him as well.

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We pray that his health would soon recover and so should you too.

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