Aries: Everything You Need to About the Aries Personality and Traits


Aries is the most interesting out of other zodiac signs. They are independent, bold to face challenges, and creative. Aries is considered to be the season of life after death as it coincides with spring. They are stubborn in nature and are the life force that keeps the gut to say no to Satan and is ready to face all the challenges of life. You will love them after you get to know everything about them.


Your ruling planet: Mars is your ruling planet. Mars symbolizes war, aggression, desire, and competition. You are sometimes hot head just like Mars which is a hot planet.

Your element: Fire is your element. Fire represents the will to do a particular task or job efficiently. It also inspires you to get up every day and keep going ahead in life no matter how many obstacles will be waiting for you.

Your one-word mantra: “Slow”

Best careers: Aries are meant to be born leaders who are naturally experienced in guiding someone or a group. They are the most creative people and they do their work with full creativity whether it may lead to any innovation or starting a new business. That’s why they need a lot of space and freedom while working so that it will be really easy for them to use their creative skills in work.

As a friend: Who doesn’t want to be friends with an Aries? They can be competitive with other people but they will always be on your side if you are friends with them. But they are straight forward and you also have to be the same with them otherwise you both may end up in a conflict. But you don’t have to worry much as they have a habit of moving on from an argument super quick and you can both be back to normal in no time.

As a partner: Aries won’t open up in front of you at first, they will take their time but on the other side, you have to patient with them because after some time you will be surprised to see how lovable and caring they are. At first, they might have some trust issues but after spending some time with them they will start allowing you to get closer.

As a parent: Aries will always be a child at heart and that nature of them makes it easier to understand their own children better. They naturally have a great sense of bonding with children and are full of energy to play. They are good at nurturing their children and they also get very much involved with homework and extracurricular activities of their kids, even if they had no interest in doing so while they were young. They truly understand all the responsibilities of being a parent and how to treat their kids.

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Best traits: They naturally acquire all the necessary traits of being an entrepreneur along with a creative mind. They hold the quality of being a born leader and leading the best possible way for others with inspiration. Consider them to be a child by heart that is why they are not a victim of stress most of the time and know-how to live their life to the fullest. If you need a reliable friend in your life then you can always count on Aries, they will never break your trust.

Worst traits: Having so many good qualities don’t mean that they are an angel, they also have some negative points that may draw your attention. You have to be very cautious about their quick temper and the habit of losing their patience quickly if you are friends with them. No doubt that they are talented and creative in finishing their tasks easily but they have a habit of getting frustrated and bored if they have to do the same task again and again and may abandon the assigned task just as quickly. They like to be their own boss.

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