Apple to launch new limited edition of AirPods Pro for these countries.


Apple has brought a new way of celebrating New Year for the Chinese people by introducing a limited-edition pair of AirPods Pro, and also introducing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia too.

This coming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Ox, that’s why in the honor of their new year, Apple has decided to launch a limited-edition of AirPods Pro with an adorable new emoji character to celebrate. In the above-mentioned countries, Apple has changed its logo on these countries’ home pages to show respect for the occasion.

Apple always introduces new sales to its Chinese consumers along with special product offerings on regional or national holidays. For example, last year the company created a ‘Shot on iPhone’ film ‘Daughter’ – a short film recorded on iPhone 11 Pro showing three generations of Chinese women gathering for the Lunar New Year.


The company is also advertising a gift guide that features a range of products like Mac, iPad, iPhone, and first-party accessories.

The company has not made any changes regarding their pricing and will be available at the same price as earlier before. For example, in mainland China, they are available at a price of RMB 1,999 and in Hong Kong, they are HK 1,999. The company has embedded a unique and beautiful red emoji of a classic cow along with a smaller cow popping out of the head and winking which is covered with the floating stars in the background. The box is also embedded with the same red emoji.

The company has tried to keep the design identically same with the existing ones and hasn’t made many changes except its logo. Apple is only making 25,400 editions of these Chinese New Year AirPods Pro edition. If you are currently in any of these mentioned countries, then you are eligible to pick up a pair of these limited- edition AirPods from an Apple retail shop or can easily order from T

he website is allowing a two-units-per-order limit as the stock is limited. Somehow, if you failed to grab this opportunity this year then you have to look for the next year of the Ox, that is, in 2033.


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