Android 12 Will Be Out Soon: What New Features Will Google Add to Your Phone

Android 12 Will Be Out Soon: What New Features Will Google Add to Your Phone in the Next Update?

The wait is about to get over for the next big update of Android as Google is about to release Android 12 this year. The first Developer Preview of Android 12 is out and gave android lovers a glimpse of what is about to come in the next update. This time Google seems to be promising to keep its user’s privacy in control and here are the new features of Android 12 that Google will add to your Android device soon.

  1. High-quality videos with less storage space

Google is now adding transcoding compatible media to support HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding). This feature will let all those apps that don’t support HEVC have the platform transcode automatically the file into AVC.

  1. Support for AVIF format instead of JPEG format for better image quality

For high image quality with high compression, Android 12 will support AV1 Image File Format (AVIF). This will improve the image quality without changing the file size when compared to older image formats like JPEG.

  1. Heavier applications will run smoother on Android 12

Android 12 will shut down all the unnecessary apps that will be running in the background to improve the functionality and performance of apps that are being used currently, particularly for heavy apps in social media, gaming, etc.

  1. Improved haptic-coupled audio effect

In the upgraded version of Android, now apps will be able to give audio-coupled haptic feedback through the phone’s vibrator. This will enhance the gaming experience like a video calling app can use custom ringtones to identify the caller through haptic feedback, or you can simulate a rough terrain in a racing game.

  1. More simple gestures will be added

Some gestures were always in demand for playing games, watching a video, or reading a book. The developers are trying to make it very simple so that gamers won’t have to face any problem while playing and still protecting apps from accidental gestures when in full-screen experience.

  1. Improving the speed of opening of apps and working on better designs of notifications

Google is customizing the old design of notifications in order to give a new great look with custom icons and content. Also, notifications will open faster as soon as the user taps on the notification. This is a much-needed upgrade that everyone is expecting to come this time.

  1. More updates through Google Play with Android 12

Google is dealing with project mainline that deals with Google Play system updates to give all the apps a secure environment across devices. Like this Google can easily take down major software issues by offering small updates through Google Play instead of giving a full system update.

  1. More security will be offered and will also prevent malware from tracking you

More privacy and security updates will be coming soon in the Android 12 update in order to keep its user’s data more secure and prevent malware from tracking down the personal information of users.

  1. Is going to be better optimized on TVs and foldable phones

Google gave its assurance that Android 12 will work better and more efficiently on TVs, foldable phones, and tablets with new features and better navigation

  1. Android 12 is currently available for these smartphones only

As this is going to be the first Developer Preview of Android 12, so only a few smartphones will be able to support it, and these models are Pixel 3 series, Pixel 3a series, Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a series, and Pixel 5.

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