Android 11: What’s New, Special Features, How To Update to Android 11


Google’s Android has the majority shareholder when we talk about operating systems used by mobile devices. Android 11 is coming out, it was released on 8th September 2020.

The new operating system from Google has a ton of features and it comes loaded for an Android enthusiast to explore their heart’s desire.


Android 11

Some of the features are as follows:

Chat Bubbles

The new Android comes with chat bubbles for conversation-based apps even if the apps itself don’t have a custom chat bubble option for its users. You can choose which app you need to turn into a bubble and stick to the side of your screen and there you go multitasking the right way.


Custom Notification Priority

Now you will have the option to set which apps notification you need on top and which app is to be placed at the bottom. This option is extremely useful for individuals having lots and lots of applications and always miss out on their important notifications.


Screen Recorder

Unlike earlier versions, this one comes with an inbuilt screen recording feature which is quite handy in current times. Usually, everyone who is mild to the heavy smartphone user, have one screen recorder installed and this new feature will help declutter a little on that front.


Notification History

When we accidentally swipe on our notifications, it becomes a mystery or a Witch-hunt to remember/find what it was. This will not be the case with the new Android operating system and you’ll get a separate notification history tab to check what you’ve just swiped upon either knowingly or by mistake.


Smart Device Controls

Everyone is switching to smart home devices which facilitates households such as Google Home, Alexa, Smart Lights, and appliances. This is why instead of having a lot of apps segregated for that, Google integrated a different tab dedicated to Smart Device Control from where you can access all that at once.


One-Time Permissions

Security being a big issue in Android, the users always complained that apps need to have an option for ‘One-Time Permissions’ when asking for a set of permissions at the first launch. And Google just listened to the user feedback quite seriously this time and voila! you have this option integrated as well.


Customize Share Sheet

While sharing something in Android, we are always faced with a list of apps that are just listed in a messy order and are not customized to our preferences. But that changes with Android 11 as well, as we’ll get much more customized Share sheet options from now on.


How To Update To Android 11


Android 11 is only out for a handful of devices as of now which includes only Google Pixel devices and two of Xiaomi’s latest devices.

If you fall in the list of the blessed one’s then the step goes like this:

  1. Go to the ‘System Update’ option and check for a new update.
  2. The system will show you details of the update available.
  3. Download it and allow for the device to restart when asked for.
  4. Voila! you have updated to the new Android 11.

If you’re running unsupported devices, then try joining in Beta program launched by your device manufacturers if you wish to or else go for a custom form, which will soon be ready as developers are curios to experiment as well.

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