Amendment In Traffic Rules and New Policies Which You Should Know About

New Traffic Rules

There have been some amendments in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 from 1 October 2020 by the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. New traffic rules have been added which everyone should be aware of including someone like you.

The first and the foremost thing to notice is that the whole process regarding the transport mechanism is going to be digitized. Which will reduce the chances of harassment of individual and will be a pathway to a uniform system for a long term use.

New Traffic Rules

Some of the key points to be noted are:

  1. Any document related to vehicles such as Registration Certificate(RC) and more would not be reverified in a physical manner if its already done electronically.
  2. All the information about revoked or disqualified licenses would be stored in an online database.
  3. The Enforcement officer or in common language, a traffic police officer cannot ask for your physical documents if you’re to show the digital proof of the document and it gets verified. In such a case, if the officer seizes your physical documents somehow, then it would be an offense against the officer.
  4. When checking the electronic details of your documents, the identification of the enforcement officer and the current timestamp would be saved to the system. This is a big step towards preventing harassment of the vehicle owners in any way by the enforcement officers.
  5. The vehicle owners/driver can maintain the documents related to the vehicle on online portals such as Digi-Locker or M-Parivahan.
  6. Mobile phone usage will only be allowed in the case where the driver is using the cellular device for navigation purposes keeping in mind that it is not interfering with the driving process.

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These are some of the new traffic rules that might save you from unlawful ways of some enforcement officers if faced with any. The Government has made sure that the rise in fine charges may not result in the enforcement officers using this opportunity for any corrupted ways they might have.

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