Amazon launched new app for iPhone users in India

New Amazon App launched for iPhone users

Amazon which is a giant in the eCommerce industry has unveiled a new app for iPhone users in India; And, it will be mandatory for these users in case they wish to shop to use this app for future purposes. They need to have an Indian Amazon app installed on their smartphone/gadget.

Moreover, if you still try and make the old app work for making some purchases, it won’t be operational; since the app will take you to the company’s website to make the necessary purchases.

Thus, these iPhone users as and when will be opening their Amazon app; they will be having a notification to install the new app which is having more features. Before installing this new app into your phone, you obviously need to uninstall the previous version first. Then go to the App Store, download the all-new Amazon India Online Shopping app.

New Amazon App Features

Now, why did the company made a new app altogether? Have you ever thought of it? Also, why is it obligatory to use this new app and not the old one? In case you haven’t thought of it, here’s your answer for the same.

iPhone users cannot use old Amazon App from now on

This new app is having numerous features like UPI scanning code, instant money transfer, and much more. Don’t you worry about tracking your orders or payments made, all your order, payment, and shopping wish list categories will be reflected in your new app too? The size of the app is also not that big; it’s 105 MB. The platform remains user friendly as it was in your previous version.

There’s also a new addition which is support for voice-based shopping.  If you will add or connect Alexa’s support using Amazon, you can utilize this service instantly. Just by tapping or clicking on the mic icon; you are looking out for products, add them in your cart, track the order online, and checkout easily too.

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This voice-based shopping option is enabled when to tap on the mic icon on Alexa. For example- You can instruct Alexa to show you an evening dress or sport shoes, or say Alexa show me Tata Salt. If you wish to buy some items from Amazon, then all you need to say is; “Alexa, add the Aashirwad Atta 1 kg to my cart”. And if you wish to checkout and finalize this item, you can say “Alexa, go to checkout”.

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