AIIMS & IIT Delhi students launches Copal 19 App for Plasma Therapy patients


AIIMS uses an app called COPAL 19 which contains all the discharging details of the plasma therapy patients. Moreover, it happens to have details regarding who is undergoing treatment or what is the blood group of the patient. All these details are required so as to know who needs plasma therapy; get that just in time without any hurdles in the way.

Also, the resident doctors of AIIMS are clubbed up with IIT Delhi students. They made an application that helps in real-time tracking of COVID patients. These patients can become probable potential plasma donors; after 28 days of them being recovered alongside the patients who are already discharged.

About Copal 19 App

This COPAL 19 App is made under the supervision of Dr. Verma, Resident doctor, Neurosurgery. He said that it is a simple user-friendly app that helps in the automated matching of donors. Primarily, it was launched only for AIIMS patients; but it is being said that soon it will be available on public platforms.  Dr. Verma said that this specific app which has an open-source code; it can be copied and used by institutions in their respective hospitals.

Copal 19 App launched for Plasma therapy patients

It is such a developed app that it automatically tracks down the potential donors; who are meeting the requirement of plasma donation after every 14 days period of time. Not just this, the doctor also specified that his own senior became a victim of the virus; and the hospital faced huge difficulty in the arrangement of plasma for him.

It was one hell of a task to say to arrange plasma for him; since the doctors had to randomly contact a lot of people, put up a message on social media. This whole thing leads to the arrangement of plasma but took more than 12 hours.

What triggered the launch of the app?

This incident triggered him to develop the application as soon as possible. Earlier also, there were discussions going on for the same; but this specific incident pushed the launch of the app. This application is formally launched on Doctors’ Day.

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As per Dr. Verma, the application currently has 70 people registered. As and when the application goes live, people are simply required to download the app; fill in the necessary information. The blood bank of AIIMS is also having backend support for needy patients.

Another neurosurgeon, Dr. Abhinav Singh said that this application can bridge out the gap between the potential donors & the ones who are in need of plasma.  Also, the patients can get themselves registered on the app; and fetch the details pertaining to plasma donors by matching their blood group.

Details required for setup of App

Your name, contact number, city of residence, and blood group are required to build up the profile on the application. There would not be any requirement of any sort of sensitive information of the user.

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