A Day In the Life Of A Live Casino Dealer


You may have played online casino games before, but have you ever wondered what the experience is like behind the eyes of the live dealer? Step into the day in the life of a live casino dealer for online casino gaming platforms to learn about the experience for yourself!

You can play a live casino online when you are ready to play your favorite live casino games. When there, you can watch how the live dealer does their job and apply what you have learned from this blog post to understand how and why they do what they do as bettors make wagers and play the games. 


Preparing for the Day

Live casino dealers, depending on the game they are managing, have various prep work to do to get ready for their shift. They will have to set up their camera for live streaming and test it accordingly to be sure that players can see them clearly and that the Internet connection is strong enough so that streaming isn’t abruptly interrupted. 

If they are a live blackjack dealer, he or she will have to prep multiple decks of cards by shuffling them and reassuring there are 52 in a pile so that they are ready for dealing. Having multiple decks prepared will make it easy to move on to another game. 

As a live roulette dealer, they may need to have a pile of approved roulette wheel balls to throw on to the platform each time a bettor places a wager. They will also have to inspect the wheel to be sure that all the grooves and pockets are equal to reassure fair play. The balls being thrown onto the wheel must also be inspected to be sure that they are evenly spherical with no imperfections on them so that it is fair play. 

Engaging With Online Players

One of the best parts of being a live dealer is that you get to interact with various people from diverse walks of life. From greeting newbies who need a little help learning the game rules to welcoming back veteran players recognized from prior live streams, it’s a great privilege and honor for live dealers to be able to interact with players with varying experience levels with the casino game in which they are managing. 

While talking with players, they may engage in regular talk about how their days or lives are going. If someone has a question about the game, the live dealer can utilize their knowledge to properly inform the bettor about the parameters of the game. The gaming experience is even more special when a player scores a win and the live dealer congratulates them for the game being in their favor. 

Managing the Live Casino Games

It’s essential for the live dealer to remain focused while managing a round of blackjack, baccarat, craps, or whatever other live table game in which they are leading. They have to be sure that players are abiding by the rules and that no cheaters are amongst the participating players. 

Specifically, as a live dealer for roulette, they must reassure they are spinning the wheel as fairly and precisely as possible so that the ball lands randomly.  For any type of casino game there must be various cameras set up not only for the players to see the live dealer but for bettors to also adequately see the table to see and interpret how their bets are playing out. 

Quality Control Analysis for Upcoming Shifts

It’s important that live dealers take what they learn from their current shift to apply to future ones. For example, if a bettor gets irate over the live stream and the live dealer is not sure how to handle it, then they can enlist the help of one of their colleagues and learn from how they handled the situation so that they can handle it independently going forward. 


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