7 Benefits of Cashew Milk One Should Definitely Know

7 Benefits of Cashew Milk One Should Definitely Know

We have all heard the benefits of eating raw cashew but do you know that cashew milk is much more advantageous than consuming raw cashews. Cashew milk is a famous non-dairy beverage which has the quality of replacing cow milk in a few dishes. It has a creamy flavour and rich consistency. Cashew milk is prepared by adding water to whole cashews and a sweetening agent in some cases. One can obtain both sweetened and unsweetened versions of the milk according to one’s preference. It comes packed with nutrition, vitamins and minerals, which may help in improving human health.

Here are the 7 Benefits of Cashew Milk:

1- Strengthens Heart

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Cashew milk contains potassium, magnesium and many unsaturated fats that are beneficial for the heart. Replacing your regular milk consumption with cashew milk can significantly impact heart health. Studies have shown that cashew milk decreases the risk of heart attack, and the magnesium present in it can also aid in lowering the high blood pressure levels of an individual. One can also prevent diabetes by adding it to the diet.

2- Keeps Eyesight Healthy

One benefit that most people would probably not know about cashew milk is that it can prevent vision loss associated with the ageing human body. It contains antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which might help in preventing cellular damage to the eyes. Not just cellular damage, it can also reduce the risk of suffering from cataracts.

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3- Helps in Faster Blood Clotting

Blood Clotting is an essential function that comes into effect when a human sustains a blood leaking injury. Generally, vitamin k, essential for blood clotting, is found in every individual in adequate amounts. However, there are some rare circumstances in which there might be a deficiency of vitamin k in an individual. In that particular case, one should drink cashew milk as it contains a high level of vitamin k.

4- Anti-ageing Elements

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Cashew milk contains anti-ageing properties due to the drink being rich in copper. Skin proteins largely depend on copper in the human body to produce healthy skin cells. It helps in regulating collagen, the main structural skin protein which is connected to tissues. Consuming cashew milk can help people maintain optimum skin for a longer period of time.

5- Immunity Boost

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from stomach issues due to heavy junk and processed food being consumed in large quantities. Cashew milk can help boost your immunity which may give you the energy to carry on consuming whatever food you may prefer. It contains zinc which is necessary for improving bowel health and reducing the inflammatory response from your body.

6- Helps Fight Anaemia

Anaemia, a weakness induced by the lack of iron in the human body, is common among females in the world. Studies have shown that women with a low intake of iron are at greater risk of developing anaemia than men. Nevertheless, cashew milk is rich in iron which you just might need if you experience weakness in general life and find yourself drifting towards anaemia.

7- Weight Regulation

Cashew milk can help in regulating or managing the weight of an individual. Since the milk does not contain saturated fats, it can be substituted for other dairy-based milk in your food preparations. Furthermore, cashew milk is rich in fibre and contains plant-based proteins, which are highly beneficial in boosting vascular circulation and keeping a stable weight for the body.

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