6 Creative Ways to Use Online Casino Bonuses in India


Nowadays, many people have become involved in playing online casino games. It has become mainstream as there are various unique and iconic games to choose from.What makes these games even more appealing are the bonuses that come with them. These bonuses are promotional strategies that help attract new customers and provide an incentive for old customers to stay. Even the best online casino India has bonuses of these kinds.

6 Creative Ways to Use Online Casino Bonuses in India



While these bonuses can refer to many things, it is usually both promotional and an incentive that can take the form of a welcome bonus, a free spin, loyalty rewards, and free bets, amongst others.

Bonuses can be particularly overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to use them. But look no further; we’ve got you covered. With help and tips from our expert, Monin Manne, this article will show you how to use bonuses from Indian online casinos to your advantage and increase your chances of winning.

Creative Ways to Use Casino Bonuses in India

These are some creative ways to use rewards and promotional offers from Indian online gaming houses.

  1. Read The Rules Very Carefully

While casino bonuses can be a great marketing strategy for luring newbies who want to make quick cash without putting anything in, it’s pertinent to be mindful of all rules and restrictions associated with the offers.

For instance, some sites do not allow you to cash out from the bonuses. However, you can only withdraw the winning difference. There are also some games you can’t play with these offers. Hence, it’s important to read through all the instructions carefully.


  1. Match Some Bonus Percentage With The Maximum Amount

Because bonuses are used to match the wagering deficit, some online casino platforms do not allow the free use of these rewards.

In that case, you can use a part of the offers to match the minimum betting amount. However, there is a ceiling for this in most sites. So you can always peruse the platform for theirs before proceeding.


  1. Check For The Actual Contribution The Casino Is Making To The Game

For a bonus to be used in a game, it means the casino platform contributes the amount for the game that will equal winning. While some are true, other offers turn out to be marketing shenanigans.

This means that sometimes some rewards do not translate to actual cash. Hence, it is pertinent to note the game contribution the casino is contributing, or you might as well be burning your bonuses for nothing.

For example, games like roulette and poker might have rewards but negligible cash contributions. Other games like the slot machines have high bonuses, which translates to greater cash.

  1. Do Not Play Only For Bonuses

Everyone loves playing with their bonuses as there is a high risk to reward ratio, and there’s no risk of losing any of their cash. However, rules surrounding these rewards are stiff as they usually prevent players from withdrawing their monies completely.

It can get very frustrating if you cannot pull out the cash generated from your winnings, so it’s advisable to mix your bets with your bonuses to circumvent those rules.

However, do this after reading carefully through the rules. This would give you an overview of what you are getting into and help you plan accordingly.

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  1. Refer Other People

Players who spread the word and disseminate information about a particular online casino game and site are often bombarded with many surprises and positive gifts/concepts from the site. 

By spreading a bit of the word and referring loved ones to the game, both of you get to enjoy the game for a bit cheaper and a little longer.

Once you use your link to refer a new player who makes a deposit, the mobile casino site will reward your support and loyalty and a new player who just logged in using your link. 


  1. Keep Up To Date With Deals

There are a lot of deals and bonuses in the casino world, and it’s only wise to keep up with these deals so you don’t miss out on anything. By keeping in touch with various websites and internet gaming communities, you can easily check out what deals are available per day.

However, it’s important to note that while some gaming houses only offer welcome bonuses for new members, some offer both welcome rewards and incentives for old members. So it is pertinent to note that the former isn’t the only way to make cool cash.


Casinos have always been one of those places to have fun and unwind. Whether for entertainment or a little gambling, they have something to offer everyone regardless of their preference. 

Playing on a gambling site has several advantages – including the bonuses they frequently provide to their customers. As a bettor, you should be creative by taking advantage of their incentives to boost your winning chances while having a good time.

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