550 MCD Schools to Get Eco-Friendly Incinerators for Sanitary Napkins

550 MCD Schools to Get Eco-Friendly Incinerators for Sanitary Napkins

25 January 2021: An initiative taken by the Delhi Government to encourage the proper disposal and hygiene of sanitary napkins, these eco-friendly incinerators are soon going to be installed in 550 MCD schools. 

550 MCD Schools to Get Eco-Friendly Incinerators for Sanitary Napkins

These incinerators come with smoke control units, and usage will be allowed in all schools after a proper demonstration is given to the students. The in-charge will prepare a class list-wise schedule and escort students to the toilet block to demonstrate to them about it’s functioning, as reported in a directive. 

The Education Ministry’s Project Approval Board (PAB) has distributed work for procurement and installation of these devices in nearly 3,204 toilet blocks of these 550 MCD schools. 

The cost is set to be paid off either by the principals of the respective schools or by the Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti (VKS) funds or grant-aids, as stated by the Director of Education (DoE) in a letter to the schools. 

All schools have been requested to depute female science lab attendants or science teachers as in-charge Sanitary Napkin Incinerator. 

The demonstration for the incinerator will be given to all girls from Class 5 to the highest class of the school every single month by the principal of the school or the SNI in-charge. 

This practice will be followed until all girls in the schools are proficient in the working of the incinerator, to avoid any mishaps. The SNI in-charge’s responsibility will be to switch on the incinerator every morning and shut it down when school timings end. 

The head of the schools will be contacted to discuss the best possible location to place the sanitary napkin incinerators, ensuring that all toilet blocks have access to the device. This initiative is set to encourage feminine hygiene and proper disposal of all sanitary napkins without risking the health of any students or the staff of the MCD schools. 


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