5 Best Headphones You Could Buy In India Under 5000 INR

5 Best Headphones You Could Buy In India Under 5000 INR

If you’re an audiophile and do not own a good pair of headphones, why are you even calling yourself an audiophile then?

Well! Moving on, for those who already own a pair and looking for more, wanting new headphones, or just want to check out what’s new and best in the audio section, here we have a list of best headphones in India that one can get in under 5000 INR only.

5 Best Headphones You Could Buy In India Under 5000 INR


Audio Technica is a big name in the audio industry, they’ve been serving professionals and in the last couple of years, they’ve released products for the general public as well.

Now, coming to the headphones, they are made for the semi-professional and can be used for sound mixing and other released stuff. Coupled with 40 mm drivers and good bass production along with good and comfortable earcups and a 3-meter long single-sided cable, they’re a prime deal.

This audio device is available on Amazon at the price of 4584 INR only.


Sennheisers are one of the best when it comes to clarity of audio production and they have been the popular choice of many for so long now.

The headphones are the successor to the ever-popular HD 4.20 and come with cushiony earcups and a 1.2m-long audio cable. Talking about sound quality one can say that they have impactful lows, boosted vocals and mids, and accurate highs. Which should be enough under this price range.

This audio device is available on Flipkart at the price of 4990 INR only.


Jays might be a new company in the audio lineup according to you but they are making groundbreaking progress with their products. And even gathering attention by being in top categories list like this one.

The headphones are wireless Bluetooth ones with 20-hour long battery backup along with micro USB for changing which is considered to be an average and inbuilt microphone. The sound output does have a warm and balanced sound signature, with slightly boosted bass.

The price for this device is set at 3999 INR.

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Without Adding a JBL device the list could never be complete but sadly we have to add a device that goes a little over budget than the price mentioned. But it’s okay to spend a few more bucks if you’re getting the desired quality, right?

Now, the headphones come with 40 mm drivers and are Bluetooth enabled with 24 hours of claimed battery life. The headphones come with an audio jack as well and support quick charge along with custom controls on the side panels.

They also feature a ‘Talk Thru’ technology where you can listen to music and be aware of the surrounding sound as well.

The price for this device is a little higher at 6999 INR.


JVC has launched an amazing pair of headphones that comes with noise cancellation under 5K range, can you believe it? Yes! They are offering you noise cancellation at this price point.

Now, the headphones have a comfortable build along with Bluetooth capabilities and a battery backup of 11-12 hours, as claimed. Moving on and talking about the sound, they provide tight bass and well-represented mids.

They are priced at an unbelievable price of under 5000 INR.

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So, do you like the list and want to grab some of these currently hot products? Well! if you do please tell us in the comments which one, let’s see which one is the public favorite.

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