10 Unknown Fun Facts About Netflix We Bet You Didn’t Know


Nowadays, it is common to say that OTT platforms have become a part of our lives. For many people, binge-watching is an escape from their 9 to 5 work-life. Online TV shows and movies are absolutely enthralling and help in releasing stress from the mind.

Reports suggest that Hotstar may have been the first one to introduce us to online streaming. But it was Netflix that changed the game and made binge-watching a trend all over the world. Today, we all know Netflix is more than a streaming platform; actually, it has become a culture now.


Fun Facts About Netflix

As we all acknowledge Netflix and have adapted it in our lives, still there are some hidden and fun facts about Netflix that we are unaware of. That is why today we will enlighten our users about a bunch of fun facts about Netflix that we bet you didn’t know.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Netflix We Bet You Didn’t Know

  1. The First Netflix Original Ever

After stepping into the world of cinema and streaming, also being a part of this community for many years, the company realized that the only way to grow is to create a loyal customer base. And, that can only be achieved by making original content.

In 2013, Netflix came up with its first original – House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. The first-ever Netflix original was premiered on February 1, 2013, along with 13 episodes. Now there is a catch that most Netflix lovers don’t know. Technically, “House of Cards” wasn’t the first Netflix original.

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In 2011, Netflix released its first test show titled “Example Show” with only two episodes. Each episode was 11 minutes long and interested viewers can watch it on the American Netflix website. The show is just a collation of most random footage like a man moon-walking by holding a laptop in his hands, footage of flowers, waterfalls, et cetera.

  1. What Was Netflix Initially Called?

When you want to start a new online business, you have to be very cautious with the domain name. You want it to be catchy and easy so that it can reach users easily. Netflix founder Marc Rudolph was also struggling at the time of naming, so he decided to go with ‘Kibble’.

Obviously, Kibble was a test name but later Marc came up with another catchy name that we all know are familiar with – Netflix. Since then the name hasn’t changed and now it has become a culture.

  1. A Netflix Bug that Went Viral

Despite having a fantastic user interface and AI, Netflix also experienced disastrous glitches. In 2014, a bug in Netflix mixed plot summaries of numerous movies together. It was one of the biggest glitches in the history of Netflix.

Fun Facts About Netflix

  1. The Origin of ‘Netflix & Chill’

In 2007, Netflix started streaming its services online for its users. During that time people used to say something like, “I’m going to go home and watch some Netflix and chill.” Later, it was a matter of time when Black Twitter started spinning that phrase into a code for hookups.

  1. Netflix Says that You Spend Two Minutes Deciding What to Watch

According to the company’s reports and data, usually, a user spends nearly two minutes selecting what to watch at the moment. Two minutes means either choosing what to watch or simply giving up. This happens because there is a lot of content on the platform and sometimes users get confused about what they should watch.

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  1. Netflix Adopted A ‘God Mode’ for Users

Who likes scrolling? On top of that scrolling horizontally is something that nobody likes at all because we all are used to scrolling vertically. Thanks to Tik-Tok’s user interface. There is an independent developer Renan Cakirerk who thought of doing some modifications.

He created a “god mode” that reveals all of the user’s viewing options all at once in a single vertical menu. This new modification got so much popularity over time that Netflix adapted the feature on its website.

  1. Subscribers Watch Two Hours of Content A Day

After many years of collection of data and information, the company claims that users consume two hours of content a day. You must be wondering that this is a lot of content people are consuming on daily basis, but this is average data. Many users are spending at least five hours binge-watching and some are sitting even more than five hours.

  1. Netflix Experimented with Its Own Award Show Called the Flixies

In the past, Netflix has hosted its own award show called the Flixies. The award function was held in 2013 for the first time, but couldn’t gain plenty of publicity. That’s why the award function didn’t return for another year.

Fun Facts About Netflix

  1. Who Came First, Netflix or Google?

Many people believe that Google must be the first one to arrive and get popular in the world of the internet. But there is a twist. Technically, Netflix went live before Google with a gap of one year. Google went live in 1998, whereas Netflix came on to the screen in 1997. Netflix started its career by offering unlimited rental DVDs through an email for a monthly subscription. Later in 2007, Netflix started with its streaming services.

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  1. Subscribers Accidentally Got Adult Films in 1998

During its early stage, Netflix was focusing on providing something fresh to its subscribers. So, it started putting footage of President Clinton’s Grand Jury testimony up for rent on DVD. By mistake, the duplication house committed a mistake and mixed-up Chinese adult films with the Clinton discs.




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