10 interesting things you can enjoy during work from home


With the pandemic taking a toll, the ways of living changed their course for each one of us. The uncertain times changed our working patterns and enforced a work from home culture that worked well for some and bothered others. The work-from-home scenario not only challenged us but also tested our patience at times with a certain monotonous routine that became a part of our lives.

Having said this, work-from-home can also have its own pros and fun elements if explored well. It can be a time to explore one’s abilities differently and a change of pace and environment in one’s workspace can bring a lot to the table that can be new and fresh for the people involved in it.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can enjoy during work from home to increase productivity.


  • Create a work playlist

Get yourself on board with a number of tracks that can uplift your mood and get you all pumped up to work. A good playlist of a genre that one enjoys can add a lot in boosting one’s mood and get them to work with a lot of enthusiasm.

music playlist that boosts your energy

  • Revamp your workspace

Bringing in a change in your workspace can be an interesting way to break the monotony of one’s working style. Bringing in a constant change in certain arrangements can add a sense of transformation that keeps one away from the boredom of things and keep one engaged as well. Find what décor suits your style and get going with setting up your space as per your taste.

aesthetic workspace that boosts productivity

  • Incorporate fun meetings

Work can surely take a toll on one’s mind and being physically away from your colleagues can let you down. One can find ways of making their meetings fun. Keeping enjoyable sessions in between the serious meetings can balance things out for professionals and keep their spirits uplifted.

Incorporate fun meetings while working from home

  • Grab an instrument

Amidst the constant work pressure, get your hands on an instrument during your break times and rejuvenate your mind with some music helping you boost your productivity by easing up your headspace. This can certainly help one acquire a new skill and comfort one’s mind with the pressure of work one might be going through.


trending musical instruments to grab a new skill


  • Dress up well

To kick out the lethargy and laziness of your body, get your best clothes on and dress up the usual way like you would do for your office. This keeps up the energy while you are working from home and can surely get you excited if you love to game up your style every now and then.

formal officewear in work from home setup

  • Prepare a to-do list

Get yourself in a routine and plan your day ahead of time. This practice not only helps you stay in discipline but also keeps you excited and looking forward to things that are on your list. This can eventually give you a certain push and get your productivity high during your work hours.

to-do list and planner for better organizing skills


  • Work on your body posture

It can be a fun affair to look out for your body when you are leading a sedentary lifestyle at home. The work from home culture gets you seated for hours in one place which eventually affects your body’s efficiency in the long run. Being at home gives you a chance to move around more often and stretch out yourself to keep your body at ease not just for that moment but for the long run as well.

body postures that strengthen the effectiveness and flexibility of body

  • Prepare good meals

Utilize this time at home for preparing good wholesome meals at any given point of the day. It can be a good break from takeaways that we usually end up for when we’re out in our offices. With a complete kitchen to our availability, we can spare some time for ourselves to ace our cooking skills amidst all the work that we end up doing.

delicious food that you can experiment at home

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  • Take care of your greens

Working at home can be a good advantage to take care of all your plant babies who lack care when you are headed to offices at usual times. Being at home, one can surely take out some time to water these greens and nurture them well. Plants that usually struggle without your care on daily basis can now be taken care of when you have got to spend time at home.

watering indoor plants for their healthy life

  • Take a nap

Well, we cannot deny the fact that work from home comes with the best of opportunities for us to take as many power naps as we want. This surely can be the most interesting thing to do out of all that we are sure none of us would want to miss on.

napping for better efficiency and fresh mind

Hope these pointers will help you have fun-filled and productive days while working from home!

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